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APT Certificate

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)

Earn your Aviation PhD! The Airline Transport Pilot Certificate is the most prestigious and exclusive civil pilot license in the world; less than a quarter of a tenth of one percent of people are certified ATPs.

We know what it takes to get an Airline Transport Pilot rating!

At Angel Aviation we offer ATP training to both Military and Civilian pilots. You’ll need 1500 hours of total time, a thorough understanding of aircraft systems and the ability to demonstrate your flying and instrument skills to perfection. Don’t worry – we’ll get you where you need to be so you can tuck this license under your flying belt.

APT Certificate Program


ATP Certification Process

Effective August 1, 2014, new eligibility requirements and a new knowledge test for the Airline Transport Pilot Certificate took effect. ATP certification now requires an academic ground school and FAA knowledge test before the ATP practical test.

  1. ATP Certification Training Program
  2. ATM Knowledge Test
  3. ATP Practical Test or Type Rating
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